Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Final Stand WikiEdit

The Dragonball Z Final Stand Wiki is dedicated to Dragon Ball Z Final Stand a game on the ROBLOX platform. The Game is a MMORPG in which you play as a character of your choosing from 6 races. This wiki will go into detail of everything in the game and will give you the information you require to complete a quest or destroy a foe with ease.

Brief history of Dragon Ball Z Final StandEdit

The game was created in late 2016 near the start of a new year. The Game gained popularity during the mid-end of 2017 when more content was added such as the new planet of Namek. The most recent update was the Space update which allowed players to head to capsule corp and enter the spaceship allowing them to go to space, which they could fight 50% power Beerus and many other Boss like NPCs.

Races Edit

Human Race

Saiyan Race

Namekian Race

Frieza/Arcosian Race

Majin Race

Android Race

Gamepasses Edit

Latest activityEdit

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